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Our Philosophy

Property Management

We know how difficult it can be to deal with tenant issues on a regular basis when it’s not your full time profession. In some cases you may decide to get out of real estate or discontinue investing in profitable properties because you don’t want to deal with the headache.

That’s where we come in. Whether it’s a 20 unit apartment complex or a single family home, we have professionals in place to protect your asset and keep it performing. Our focus is on finding quality tenants that are interested in staying put and taking good care of the residence they are going to call home.

We do all our own work. No subcontracting out, we control the quality and you know that when you contract with us, you are actually getting us.

All financial reporting is reviewed by a licensed CPA. When it comes to your money and your assets, you want the comfort of knowing that a professional is overseeing the numbers.

We have in-house facilities maintenance available including landscaping, hardscaping, unit renovations, capital improvements, major renovations or simple routine maintenance and emergency repairs.

Quizzing the prospective management company. Print out our checklist of must ask questions.

Our Process

Chance makes for an exciting time in Vegas, but it’s not how you want your assets managed. Our systematic approach is designed to reduce risk and maximize profits.

It starts with marketing and advertising. We combine traditional and internet strategies to get your property maximum exposure.

The only thing worse than a vacant unit, is one inhabited with a problem tenant. Properly screening prospective tenants is something we take very seriously. Our methodology reduces your risk and maximizes profitability.

Regular property inspections are a key part of our services ensuring your property is being properly maintained and there are no surprises at the end of the lease.

Finally, we do what we can to avoid vacancies. We do this by being responsive to the needs of the tenants, maintaining the property and being proactive in our lease renewal process. Long before the lease is up, we are conducting research to validate current rental rates along with the tenant’s payment performance to get a new lease signed that returns the best value for you the property owner.

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